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2021: The Spring of the Soul

The sky over Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky is on fire with a deep orange glow, illuminating the clouds and lake alike with a deep glowing color as a dark tree looms in the foreground and the hills on the far side of the lake lurk darkly

Land Between The Lakes, KY - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan


The warm winds of spring call as May flowers blossom around the world - summer’s faint whisper reminding us of its impending arrival, ringing the door for the instinct of exploration that comes with the season of life. The inherent need within all of us to explode from our domiciles and out into the world.

Deep blues and vague oranges illuminate the night sky around a perfect glowing moon, over joshua trees spiking up from the desert at Joshua Tree NAtional Park in California

Joshua Tree National Park, CA - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

In the Spring of the soul that is 2021, it isn’t just the world that is roaring back to life, but it is you. This is the great awakening, reminding us that this is the time to unplug, to leave the Zoom meeting behind, and leave the comfort zone in the dust - erupting into the outdoors with a wild hunger for nature suppressed for far too long. Your own personal adventure awaits: cut free the ties that bind and release yourself into the ecosystem that screams at your heart. Follow your passion and bloom from the couch like the adventurous flower you are. Gallop forth and be reborn into nature - surrender to the long-awaited dream of visceral exploration.

The blue-black night sky is brilliantly illuminated with countless stars over Devil's Tower in Wyoming

Devil's Tower National Monument, WY - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

The wilds await with the special nurturing only Mother Nature can deliver; they are beckoning for you to discover. Deep in the special place of the soul that has always carried the instinctual passion for the out-of-doors. A better time to find that visceral connection has never existed, and there is no feeling like leaving behind the inherent stress that emanates from your smartphone. Your favorite landscape begs for you to get lost within it - is it the mountains in early summer? Perhaps a hot desert night? An endless expanse of woods? Follow that mystical summons and mash the pedal to the floor - leave the city behind and relinquish the unrelenting cage known as civilization.

an old tree zigzags its way up into the bright blue sky streaked with clouds in Great Basin National PArk in Utah

Great Basin National Park, NV - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

Chase the wind as pressures fade in the rearview, wake up in the dew of a fresh season. Be a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis - break out of your routine and spread the wings of adventure; soar into the breeze that makes the aspens quake, and shake free the grime of a sedentary year. There is no more time to wait in the weeds, forget the deeds life in the city breeds, and step forward with the intent to revel in the scent that early summer brings.

An elk scampers across the plains on the side of a hill in front of the majestic hazy blue mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

There is inherent growth that comes from diving into the freedom of the soul only found in nature. After a year impeded, the only way to break society’s chains is to leave behind its cruel pains and find yourself dancing in the rains of a fresh monsoon of life. Unplug from all that which brings you down and recharge in the privilege of nature. If it is the rolling wheel or the winding trail - feel the hungry pull of your explorative soul. Summer’s freedom beckons, reminding us all of the magic in rebirth. Take hold of that feeling and follow it into your own personal favorite naturescape. Meet your inner child and romp through the forest, hug a tree, worship a cactus - revel in the mountains with their purple majesty. Watch the sunset in your lover’s eyes and take hold of your freedom.

a red flower blossoms brightly across a backdrop of thorns, succulents, and other vegetation in the Catalina Islands in Channel Islands National Park, California

Channel Islands National Park, CA - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

There has never been a better moment to take hold of your world - a paradise of adventure that is awaiting your footsteps… because the summer is here, and the time is right.


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