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Celebrating 100 Posts on the Pathloom Blog

Our 10 Most Popular Pieces

Vignettes taken from the most popular posts on the Pathloom Blog!

Welcome to the 100th post on the Pathloom blog! We’ve been doing our best to provide great outdoors-related content on a regular basis over the past year and a half, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as we’ve enjoyed writing! To celebrate reaching 100 articles, we thought we’d look back at our diverse array of content and highlight the ten most popular pieces as selected by you, our loyal and lovely community members.

So thank you, reader, for helping us get to 100, and we hope you’ll keep coming back for the next 100 as well. As we continue working hard to beta test our app, we look forward to continuing our journey from fledgling startup to titan of the outdoor travel planning industry together, with you.

Without any further rambling, here are the top 10 most popular posts of all time on the Pathloom Blog:

11 Awesome Outdoor and Nature Movies

  • Written by Founder, CEO, and Fearless Leader Ankit Jain

Islands, Deserts, and Mountains - 5 of the Best Hikes in California

  • Written by Staff Writer Extraordinaire Scott Carnahan

Thru-Hiking vs. Backpacking

  • Written by Founder, CEO, and Fearless Leader Ankit Jain

2021 Guide to Upcoming Planetary Conjunctions

  • Written by SuperIntern, Justine Imburgio

Yoga in the Outdoors

  • Written by Guest Blogger, the Good Doctor Anudha Mittal

Wilds of Washington: 5 Epic Adventures in the Evergreen State

  • Written by Staff Writer Extraordinaire, Scott Carnahan

National Park Oddities: Cannibal People, Conspiracy, or Wildlife?

  • Written by SuperIntern, Justine Imburgio

Seniors on Superior: Kayaking and Canoeing the Great Lakes in the Golden Years

  • Written by Guest Blogger and Waterway Warrior, David O. Born

4 Epic Yellowstone Day Hikes to Beat the Crowds

  • Written by Master of Marketing, Brett Stanton

The Resilience of the Redwoods: Big Basin’s Rise from the Ashes

  • Written by The Chiefly Editor in Chief, Bryan Donoghue


Do you have your own outdoor story to tell? Have a groundbreaking moment that secured your love and passion for the outdoors? Want to join up as a guest blogger or a staff writer and help us write 100 more blog articles? Click here to reach out to us about writing for Pathloom!


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