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Dianthe Skurko Joins Pathloom's Advisory Team!

Professional headshot of Dianthe Skurko - Pathloom advisor, ultra-marathon runner, and Silicon Valley marketing expert

Pathloom is thrilled to announce that Dianthe Skurko has joined its advisory team!

Dianthe is a co-founder of sFoundation, a Silicon Valley-based pre-seed and seed-stage startup accelerator, where she advises and mentors up-and-coming tech companies around the world. Because of her curiosity about the inner workings of people, cultures, and organizations, she is a born connector. She has fostered her 20+ years of business development, marketing and communications expertise in various startups, some as early as the era. Her ability to connect people has earned her a reputation for creativity, bold approaches, and professionalism with top Silicon Valley organizations.

Dianthe has worked at more than a dozen startups and small businesses in Silicon Valley, helping them build their marketing strategies and find funding. She will be part of the upcoming GoingVC cohort, which will further develop her network in the area of Venture Capital.

You will typically find Dianthe on the trails doing what she loves most - trail running, which she has been doing for 27 years. She has run numerous ultramarathons in California, Washington, Colorado, and Utah, often on her own and unsupported. She has mountain biked across Scottland, across Namibia, and through various parts of California, but gave up the sport to allow more time for running. She became a certified California Naturalist in 2014, and in 2016 joined the California State Parks Wilderness Patrol Program in Santa Cruz County. She isexcited about Pathloom’s mission to liberate the experience of going off-the-grid for hiking, camping, and of course, trail running while being at the pace of nature pulling from her startup expertise and network to help Pathloom develop strategies to achieve its vision.

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Pathloom is a Bay Area-based technology startup on a mission to get more people outdoors, more often by reimagining the way people discover the outdoors.

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