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Thanks, from Pathloom

From all of us at Pathloom, to all of you!

Yosemite National Park, CA - Photo Credit: Hiten Patel


‘Tis the season to give thanks, and we here at Pathloom would like to thank our community for the support we’ve received from you since our company’s inception!

Thank you for all your efforts as early adopters for our app! Your assistance has been crucial to identify bugs, recommend improvements, and help us to create the best outdoor travel app we possibly can! Our product and engineering teams are hard at work taking all of your feedback into account, and are bringing out more and more new features with every update. We’re excited to have you as part of our journey! If you’re not currently signed up for our Waitlist and Beta app and are interested in doing so, click here to sign up!

White Mountains National Forest, NH - Photo Credit: Bryan Donoghue

Thank you to everyone on our mailing list! Your early interest in Pathloom has filled us with pride and confidence that there is a real interest for our product in the market, and is fueling our efforts to continue to develop an app worthy of said interest! We consider you to be the cornerstone of our community, and we look forward to growing together with you!

Thank you to all the readers of our blog out there! You reading what we write and commenting on our social media pages encourages us to continue to bring great content to your screens each and every week! We’re always looking for guest bloggers here, and guest video content on our YouTube page, so if you have a story you’d like to share with our readers please click here to learn how to contribute!

Bayou Barataria, LA - Photo Credit: Bryan Donoghue

And of course, thanks to our staff, our advisors, our investors, our partners, and everyone else who has had a hand in helping Pathloom grow from idea to reality! We recognize, appreciate, and salute the effort you have put in thus far on our behalf, and we look forward to continuing to work with you! We couldn’t have gotten this far without you, and we are extremely excited to work with you in 2022 and beyond!

Monterey Coast, CA - Photo Credit: Ty Thomas


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Pathloom is a Bay Area-based technology startup on a mission to get more people outdoors, more often by reimagining the way people discover the outdoors.



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