Spending time in the outdoors is one of the most meaningful ways that people interact and engage with the natural world. Whether you are spending a night under the stars, an evening by a lake or hanging out around a campfire, these kind of experiences form unforgettable memories and a rooted connection to nature. The world is only getting faster and lives more complex, and spending time in the outdoors presents a unique way to get away from it all and appreciate the simple things in life. Additionally, there are noteworthy benefits to one's own physical and mental well-being from spending time in nature.


From years of traveling and spending time outdoors, we understand and value the experiences derived from nature. We are inspired to help others get outside and benefit from the open spaces that we are fortunate to have. After many learning experiences from planning various types of trips, we have realized that planning an outdoor trip has been a difficult process, which discourages some to venture into nature and become devoid of such experiences. It does not have to be a difficult and overwhelming process. We are here to help.


Our inspiration lies in a strong desire to use technology and collaboration to enable an easy outdoors discovery and trip planning process so that people can spend less time planning a trip and more time getting outside.


 Our mission is to get more people outdoors, more often. We believe everyone should have access to the benefits nature has to offer and that complicated trip planning should not prevent anybody from doing so, which is why Pathloom was created.

It is only when we are exposed to something that we begin to care about it. We are driven to inspire more people to engage in exploring and protecting our public lands. Whether it is increasing awareness around responsible recreation, leave no trace principles and the environment, or helping mitigate stress on over-utilized areas; we are dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact in the outdoor recreation space and for the people involved in it. 


At Pathloom, we envision a future where a majority of people engage in outdoor activities and benefit from the wonders of spending time in nature. A future where people can easily access the information they need to plan their outdoors trips and get outside without much hassle or worry, all while keeping safety and responsible recreation considerations at the forefront. A future where increased participation in the outdoors inspires people in making new connections and strengthening bonds; becoming stewards of the lands and protecting our fragile ecosystems.


There are plenty of experiences to be had in the great outdoors and there is something for everyone. Whether a simple scenic drive or something more adventurous, we are committed to getting you outside and helping you find your path.  


At Pathloom, we are a diverse team of nature-lovers, travelers, hikers, campers, backpackers, thru-hikers, mountain bikers, and off-roaders with backgrounds in startups, engineering, technology and business. We want to help fellow outdoor enthusiasts discover unique destinations and plan memorable trips more easily.


We value the connections that are made throughout one's adventures and know those connections can result in strong bonds from a mutual passion for the outdoors. As a part of the outdoors community, we are here to share insights that will help improve people's trips and learn from others' experiences.

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