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Executing Our First Animated Video

In 2021, we decided to produce our first animated video to introduce Pathloom to the world. Prior to starting this production, we relied on a homemade video that failed to present ourselves in an engaging and visually appealing way. After some internal conversations about project goals and direction, we embarked on a month-long journey to create an intro video our community would identify with and get excited about. We recently talked to Russell Brand of Responsible Solutions about our process and results, and he shared a more thorough account of our story here. Below we share the two video iterations Russell mentions in his piece.

Initial Video Style + Content

After producing this initial animated video, we turned to our trusted advisors, investors, mentors, and staunch supporters for feedback as we had concerns with the final style and overall feel. Upon hearing their thoughts, and doing some reflection of our own, we decided this version of the video wasn't going to do the job intended. The voiceover, character and illustration styles, and the overall value proposition we had chosen to highlight left us feeling dissatisfied. We decided we needed to further develop this project and promptly began production on the second version of this video.

After another round of feedback with the same stakeholders, and bringing on an animator offering a more advanced visual style and a professional voiceover actress referred from our network, we had made significant progress. For the finishing touches, we took on some back and forth editing with the animator. The result? A brand new video that we were absolutely thrilled with. This was really just a first step, equipped with a proven process, we're excited to continue to improve and bring new ways to share Pathloom to the world in 2022.

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