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Kiwi Insurance & Pathloom Partnership

Kiwi offers per-day adventure insurance that covers your out-of-pocket medical bills. Pathloom users get a 10% discount on Kiwi's services. Use PATHLOOM10

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Get to know Kiwi Insurance:

embrace the edge, kiwi's got you covered.

Kiwi insurance is a NYC-based company that empowers people to have more fulfilling and adventurous lives. It offers episodic on-demand injury insurance that covers out of pocket medical bills.

how Kiwi insurance customers use pathloom to plan their trips:

Pathloom makes outdoor trip planning easy. The Pathloom app enables outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers to discover unique outdoor places and plan their outdoor trips, all in one place. Pathloom is currently in early beta testing with more than 215,000 campsites and 45,000 trails across the U.S. Use custom filters like the travel range filter to limit your search to a specific region, or use the natural features filter to search for places near lakes, forests and more. The app is rapidly growing, and more activities and features are coming in the upcoming months. Plus, Pathloom is fostering a strong community of outdoor enthusiasts like yourself. Read from a variety of blog articles for trip guides, stories and other exciting content. Follow the social media channels for exciting updates and content. 

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