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Moosejaw is a leading outdoor gear retailer featuring the finest equipment from prominent brands.

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More About Moosejaw

Moosejaw is a leading outdoor gear retailer with several brick-and-mortar locations as well as a massive online store with all of your favorite equipment.

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Moosejaw Partnership Details

Pathloom has intuitive tools that will help you plan and execute your outdoor trips.


Moosejaw has the tools to outfit those trips. It’s basic synergy.  Anyways, if you’re the person in your group that always plans your trips (or if you want to challenge that person for their role), Pathloom will make your life so much easier. Using detailed, information-rich maps and a collaborative platform, the app simplifies the planning process, saving you so much time.


Moosejaw customers will use this extra time to get outside and probably whittle something, or nap in a hammock, or whittle something else. And the best part is, their trips will go off without a hitch. Plus, if anybody is going to find Bigfoot, you better believe it will be a Moosejaw customer using Pathloom.

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