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Photography Spotlight: Top 5 Photos of January 2022

The best photos from the past month of blog posts!

otters taking a bath in Katmai National Park in Alaska!

Alaska Friends at Kenai Fjords National Park, AK - Photo Credit: Kedar Gadge


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At Pathloom, we're extremely proud of the exclusive content we bring to our community each and every week. We've written comprehensive guides, told our stories from the trails, given some tips & tricks based on our outdoors experience - all with the goal of keeping you, our readers, informed and entertained - and doing our part to make the Great Outdoors more accessible for everyone!

While we're certainly proud of our written content here, (and our videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok!), we're equally proud of the INCREDIBLE work our photographers put in to give you amazing views of some of the most beautiful areas of the country. To that effect, here's our latest edition of Photography Spotlight - the best photos from the past month of Pathloom blogs! Click here to check out our greatest hits from March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November!, and December!

a timelapse photo of the starscape above the dark rocky craggy outlines of Joshua Tree National Park

Starry Starry Timelapse: Joshua Tree National Park, CA - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

(published 1/3/2022)

"Astronomical Conjunctions occur when two astronomical objects - such as planets, stars, moons, or the sun - align in the sky, creating an illusion that they are close together when in reality they are thousands of miles apart. The objects are bright, so you’ll be able to see them with the naked eye, but with binoculars or a telescope, you can view amazing details - such as the rings of Saturn, or the moons surrounding these planets!"


sunset over the swamp with tiny trees poking out of the water at Everglades National Park in southern Florida

Everglades National Park, FL - Photo Credit: Chris Blake

(published 1/10/2022)

"The massive KNP Complex Wildfire that raged in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks has finally reached full containment after months of devastation and the destruction of up to 5% of the world's population of Giant Sequoia trees. Even though there may be traces of the blaze that still smolder, officials are now confident that there will be no additional spread thanks to the efforts of thousands of firefighters. The fire, caused by lightning strikes during a period of climate change-amplified drought, burnt 88,000 acres over the span of 3 months and caused many local towns to be emergency evacuated."


The sun scorches its way through the clouds over the road through the Chihuahuan desert in West Texas

Highway 62, Chihuahuan Desert: Salt Flat, TX - Photo Credit: Bryan Donoghue

Taken From: 10 Great Safety Tips for Solo Road Trips (published 1/18/2022)

"Your gut feeling is always right. If you have a funny feeling about something - trust it. When you're traveling through extraordinary places it can be hard to pass up experiences. But, not pushing the limits on safety and taking a step back, when I encountered things such as unwanted animal prints, snowy roads, icy trails and dinner invitations from strangers proved to keep me safe throughout my journey."


A dark haired woman sits atop a cliff looking out over a beautiful jagged rocky coastline in Maui, HAwaii

Kipahulu Coast, Haleakalā National Park: Maui, HI - Photo Credit: Tia Fouroohi

(published 1/24/2022)

"So in early 2021 I took a semester off, packed my car with camping gear and set off for a solo adventure to all of the National Parks within the contiguous United States. Along my journey to these 51 Parks, I traveled through 45 states. Since National Parks were my main focus, I decided to leave another of my goals, to visit all 50 states, for another trip. Last year’s epic trip will be hard to top in 2022, but I know that life is unpredictable and the perfect time to do anything will never come if you keep waiting - you just have to make it happen!"


endless hoodoos and other inexplicable rock structures stretching for miles at Bryce Canyon National Park, bathed in the yellow light of sunrise

Bryce Canyon, UT - Photo Credit: Ankit Jain

(published 1/31/2022)

"Like any outdoors enthusiast with a travel bug and a good vehicle, I decided to make the most of it by making it a camping road trip instead of flying direct. I drove through California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah; finally reaching Colorado on the third day. For sleeping arrangements, I opted for dispersed camping in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Forest areas for both nights."


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Get exclusive stories, trail reports, National Park alternatives, recipes, and more delivered directly to your inbox from our growing team of experienced thru-hikers, former National Park employees, and fellow adventure lovers.


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