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5 Reasons To Start Hiking This Summer

Morning sunlight pierces through old growth forest along straight hiking trail covered with leaves

A good friend has been saying lately “when was the last time you did something new for the first time?” For some of us, that might mean hitting up the trails and going on a hike! Trying something new can be daunting as well as exciting, and hiking definitely falls into that category. Whether you are thinking of taking a gentle stroll in the woods, or adding a new dimension to your daily workout, hiking holds the key to new adventures.

5 Reasons Why:


1. The first, most obvious one is the fact that hiking helps maintain physical fitness. If you are the kind of person that likes to stay active, why not take your workout to the next level and get some breathtaking views while you are at it? Striding through an endless valley, taking in the smell of fresh and pollution-free air, listening to that consistent sound of the wind ruffling through the trees… does that not sound like a fun workout? If you are the kind of person that enjoys the occasional walk or run, then why not elevate that experience by changing the scenery and trading in the pavement for a trail? With the current restrictions in place due to Covid-19, hiking is a great way to stay active and enjoy yourself too.

Young female hiker walks along defined trail atop a green ridgeline under puffy, white, cloudy skies

2. Another not so obvious, but equally important benefit is the mental health gains from spending time on a trail. Think of hiking as a release starting right from the drive to the trailhead. You will find your mind switching gears and starting to focus more and more on the adventure ahead rather than the issues that have occupied your mind all week. The hike itself will act as nature’s own therapy where you are able to disconnect and just be in the moment.

Man sits near the mist of a large, multi-stream converging waterfall wearing dressy leather shoes and dark green khaki pants

3. Achieving personal goals is a great latent benefit to hiking. It is not a competitive sport and yet can be used for self-improvement. Since hiking is such a varied activity and can range from a leisurely walk on flat ground to a hard scramble on the side of a mountain, it can be used to set personal goals, which once achieved, do give a sense of fulfillment.

Male hiker overlooks steep drop on rocky outcropping while above layer of thick clouds below

4. For those of you that love to capture the moment on camera, hiking is a photographer’s paradise. How else will you find the stunning turquoise lakes enveloped in snow-capped peaks? Certainly not in the city! For photographers, artists, or just nature-lovers with a smartphone, hiking has so much to offer.

Young couple sitting by majestic turquoise lake with man pointing upwards towards surrounding mountains

5. The last and the best of all, is that hiking is mostly free! Most trails do not charge any fee at all to enter, and the few areas that require an entrance fee are worth the extra buck. Save some money this summer and hang out on the trails instead of the neighborhood bar. This may even be a safer option in terms of social distancing.

Young man and small male child walking downhill on fire-road hiking trail through rolling hills and disperse forest

If you have reached the end and you are still with us, it means you too have that curiosity about hiking and the outdoors. Do not let it lie dormant. Unleash the inner adventurer, and head out to the trails on your next day off!

Pathloom is a Bay Area-based technology startup on a mission to get more people outdoors, more often by reimagining the way people discover the outdoors.

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