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Why Camping Will Turn Your Summer Around

Looking out of open neon tent sitting in a campsite in forest near the shore of alpine lake in Yellowstone National Park

Ever sat around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows, eating fresh food straight out of the BBQ, and just generally laughing and enjoying the moment?! Being disconnected from the world for a few hours, taking in the serenity of nature while breathing in that fresh, clean air. These are just a few of the things that should put camping on the top of your summer plans.

Well-lit rock and stick campfire steps from the water of a large alpine lake surrounded by mountains in Montana

But what is camping, you ask.

Camping has multiple definitions, but the simplest way to break it down is that it is a way for one to spend the night in the outdoors. Be it in a trailer or van, a tent, or even just in a sleeping bag right under the night sky, also known as “cowboy camping”. Camping is a way for one to spend more time outdoors and have a choice as to how rugged or luxurious one wants to be while doing it. Camping is a way for one to get some peace and quiet, or a way to connect with friends and family. Basically, camping is what you decide to make of it.

For those of you that like to get out and travel, Covid-19 has probably thrown a wrench in your plans for the foreseeable future. For those of you that like to take a break and spend your days off locally, Covid-19 has not made that easy either - with travel restrictions and most restaurants and bars closed, not to mention a ban on large group gatherings, your original plans will have to be altered. Not cancelled. Just altered. Enter Camping. If you take advantage of the great outdoors, camping can turn your summer around and enable you to go on that solo or family trip after all.

Mercedes Benz smart car with Oregon license plate sitting in paved parking area of a forest campground besides pitched tent

But why will camping turn my summer around, you ask.

Here Is Why:


  • Driving out to the campsite, setting everything up and then just relaxing with some good company and good food will definitely help you escape your normal everyday routine and help you ease off that weekday stress.

  • In this current Covid-19 world that we live in, camping might actually be the one way you can reconnect with friends and family! Since the limit for the number of people gathering indoors is more restrictive than the outdoor limit, camping would be a great way to unite your loved ones and allow you to hang out with them outside for an extended period of time. While practicing social distancing measures of course, you will be able to enjoy a meal and catch up with everyone you have been missing. This does not mean we should forget about the necessary measures required to successfully organize and execute a group trip during this difficult time, and to help you navigate through that, check out our blog post about How to Recreate Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • Camping can also be combined with other outdoor activities. If you enjoy doing outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling for example, camping can allow you to keep doing this all day, without having to worry about heading home before dark. Why not continue the day and spend the evening in the outdoors too!

  • If you are looking for a way to take a well-deserved break on a budget, camping is the solution you’ve been looking for. It might seem like a lot of equipment and gear upon first glance, but you can find everything you need for a trip for under $100.

  • The last reason that camping will turn your summer around is because it may be something new to you, and it may be something you would not have otherwise considered trying. Why not use this as an opportunity to explore your local area, and learn more about it?

Young person holding up blue mug next to G40 RV camper with awning setup in the forest

If you like fresh air, good views and a good time, camping is definitely something you should try this summer. It will not disappoint!

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