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Pathloom Selected by Leading Adventure Gear Retailer for Exclusive Startup Accelerator

Moosejaw announces Pathloom selected from field of over 100 applicants to participate in intensive 8-week program designed to turbocharge the company’s growth.

Infographic image overlaid on sunset mountain landscape showing Pathloom as winner of Moosjaw outdoor accelerator

Pathloom selected for exclusive startup accelerator


Boulder, Colorado – Today, Moosejaw announced Pathloom, a rapidly growing Silicon Valley tech startup designing the industry’s first all-in-one app for outdoor trip planning, was selected to participate in its 8-week accelerator program. Following a month-long consumer voting process, Pathloom joins SheFly, PACT Outdoors, and Spruce Pup as one of the four startups chosen to join Moosejaw’s second accelerator cohort from over 100 original applicants.

The accelerator, an 8-week rigorous business mentoring program, is guaranteed to provide invaluable instruction for Pathloom. Pathloom will gain access to experts on strategy and marketing, as well as connections with potential investors and a large outdoor recreation network. These benefits are sure to bolster Pathloom’s efforts to use innovative technology to enable an easy outdoors discovery and trip planning process for all. Pathloom promises to foster growth in the blossoming outdoor recreation industry and allow everyone equal opportunity to access the great outdoors.

This unique startup accelerator will enhance Pathloom's ability to reach more users, growing their community exponentially and facilitating their mission to get more people (especially those in underrepresented groups) outdoors, more often. Pathloom will receive several exciting opportunities to increase their reach in the space, including a product launch on - a massive e-commerce hub for the outdoor recreation industry - and in Moosejaw stores, with a complete marketing and social media package. Additionally, a feature article on Pathloom is set to be released by GearJunkie - an authority on outdoor and adventure news, gear, and culture with two million monthly readers. These top-notch industry press opportunities will expose tens of thousands of potential new users to Pathloom, which already boasts an early BETA with a ballooning waitlist months ahead of their full product launch.

“We are truly honored and humbled to be selected by Moosejaw and the other partner organizations for participation in this Accelerator program” said Pathloom Founder and CEO Ankit Jain. “The combination of guidance from industry experts, press opportunities from several leading voices in outdoor recreation, and the diversity inclusion and legal resources offered to Pathloom as a result of this accelerator promise to help Pathloom continue on its trajectory of rampant growth and establish itself as a leader in the outdoor recreation industry.”

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Sign up on our website for exclusive early access to the Pathloom BETA app, and let us help you plan your next outdoor trip! As an early user, you will receive exclusive access to our BETA app, outdoor guides, and information - created solely for you by Pathloom!

Pathloom is a Bay Area-based technology startup on a mission to get more people outdoors, more often by reimagining the way people discover the outdoors.



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