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Top 5 Snacks For a Hike

High-quality hiking trailmix with almonds, pistachios, walnuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, craisins, and other treats

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Snacks For a Hike

When heading out on a day hike, one of the common things people forget about is keeping themselves fed! It is perplexing to think about after the fact, but it is so easy to underestimate our own energy levels and the amount of time spent on the hike itself. We have all made that mistake at least once in our lives, be it on a hike, during a road trip, or just on a day out. The main reason it is important to plan ahead and pack some nutritious snacks when going hiking is because unlike a day out in the city, there are no shops in the outdoors that you can stop at last-minute! Yes, we are all thinking the same thing - food on demand would be great, but until we figure out a way to get food delivery services right on the trails, we will have to make do with pre-packing our snacks!

Let us jump right into Pathloom’s top 5 suggestions for healthy, yummy and nutritious trail snacks:

1. Trail mix - This is a common and quite popular trail snack (as the name suggests!). Dried- fruits combined with nuts, seeds, toasted corn, etc. and sometimes even M&Ms are a great source of nutrition and can be eaten at any time. It can either be bought pre-packaged, or you can get creative and buy the ingredients separately and mix it all up.

Individually packaged trail mix ingredients including almonds, sunflower seeds, and others spilling out of glass jars into a pile

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2. Nutrition bar - This is the easiest, hassle-free trail snack. If you are feeling low on energy and need a boost, pull out a nutrition bar and you will be ready to go. They are packed with proteins, fibers, fats, and carbohydrates. There are numerous brands that make nutrition bars, so make sure to read the nutrition facts to find the right one for you. Our top 3 favorites are Cliff bars, Lara bars, and Kind bars.

High-quality oats based granola bars for hiking with raspberry chunks and raisins

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3. Oranges - There is nothing better than a quick refreshing snack on a warm day! Oranges contain vitamin C and due to their juicy and sweet nature, they serve as the perfect trail snack when you are feeling parched or your mouth is dry. They do not get squished easily in a backpack and do not need refrigeration.

Bright and ripe sliced oranges sitting on top of one another

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4. Cheese and crackers - If you do not mind stopping for a lunch or snack break during your hike, cheese and crackers are a slightly more luxurious yet easy trail snack! It is a good source of protein, calcium, and fat and can be quite filling. Keep in mind that the cheese must be on the more processed side, as very fresh cheese cannot go long without refrigeration, especially when it is warm out.

Creamy and soft cheese with herb and crackers atop a stained wooden cutting board beside a cheese knife

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5. Pepperoni sticks, jerky - Craving some salty deliciousness? Pepperoni sticks and jerky are a great source of protein, and coincidentally happen to be really tasty! If you do not eat meat, plant-based jerky options are available in stores as well.

Split piece of pepperoni beef jerky stick on top of an orange piece of parchment paper

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Try packing these snacks on your next day hike. They are quick, easy, and hassle-free. Always remember to pack a little bit extra in case you end up hiking longer than expected or need to spot a friend who forgot their own snacks.

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