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Photography Spotlight: Top 5 Photos of September 2021

The best photos from the past month of blog posts!

Zealand Falls: Bethlehem, NH - Photo Credit: Bryan Donoghue

At Pathloom, we're extremely proud of the exclusive content we bring to our community each and every week. We've written comprehensive guides, told our stories from the trails, given some tips & tricks based on our outdoors experience - all with the goal of keeping you, our readers, informed and entertained - and doing our part to make the Great Outdoors more accessible for everyone!

While we're certainly proud of our written content here, (and our videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok!), we're equally proud of the INCREDIBLE work our photographers put in to give you amazing views of some of the most beautiful areas of the country. To that effect, here's our latest edition of Photography Spotlight - the best photos from the past month of Pathloom blogs! Click here to check out our greatest hits from March, April, May, June, July, and August!

a watercolor sunset over a Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park features vivid pinks, purples, and oranges over the plains

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

(published 9/2/2021)

"The USFS cites an unprecedented wildfire season as the reason for this decision - with 1.7 million acres of forest already in ashes and firefighting resources throughout the state stretched to their absolute limit. Those responsible for this difficult decision hope that it will reduce the risk of people being endangered by these ongoing fires, as well as the likelihood for additional fires to break out."


Grand Teton National Park masquerading as Soviet Siberia, a perfect training ground for Rocky before the big Ivan Drago fight in Rocky IV

Grand Teton National Park, WY - Photo Credit: Sharon Berardino

(published 9/7/2021)

"The iconic training montage from arguably the best installment of the Rocky franchise (best villain anyway) was not actually filmed in Siberia as the movie portrayed, but instead on location throughout Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Silly Ivan Drago’s advanced training techniques in the gym proved to be no match in the ring for Rocky’s manhandling of the park’s innocent logs."


The skies burning orange red and black in the aftermath of a forest fire. Burnt and blackened trees line the mountain ridge at Yosemite National Park

Aftermath of fires in Yosemite National Park, CA - Photo Credit: Chris Blake

(published 9/13/2021)

"Do your part to keep our forests safe from further damage - no one wants to be the person who sets off the next great wildfire! Short of implementing sweeping political changes to stem the tide of ongoing climate change, there isn't much we can do to prevent the drought conditions that leave our wilderness so susceptible to fire damage. While we can't control where the next bolt of lightning may strike, we can control for human error."


Hobbs Lake is another crystal clear perfectly reflective body of water in Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming

Island Lake: Bridger Teton National Forest, WY - Photo Credit: Brett Stanton

(published 9/16/2021)

"Additionally, the alpine terrain can make for unpredictable weather - so be sure to check in with a backcountry ranger before you begin for the latest forecast, and avoid any exposed areas if you see ominous clouds rolling in. With high-alpine terrain comes a short hiking season - due to snow, you likely won’t be able to safely attempt this hike outside of a short window between early August and mid-September."


Striking red, orange, yellow, and possibly purple (I'm somewhat colorblind) foliage blasts out of the trees lining a street in Connecticut after a fresh rain

Nepaug State Forest: Canton, CT - Photo Credit: Bryan Donoghue

(published 9/30/21)

"So to that effect, and in celebration of the onset of one of the unanimous Top Four Seasons of the Year, we polled the Pathloom team, contributors, and the community at large regarding some of the best places across the country to view Fall foliage in all it's Autumnal brilliance."


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