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Photography Spotlight: Top 5 Photos of May 2021

The best photos from the past month of blog posts!

At Pathloom, we're extremely proud of the exclusive content we bring to our community each and every week. We've written comprehensive guides, told our stories from the trails, given some tips & tricks based on our outdoors experience - all with the goal of keeping you, our readers, informed and entertained - and doing our part to make the Great Outdoors more accessible for everyone!

While we're certainly proud of our written content here, (and our videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok!), we're equally proud of the INCREDIBLE work our photographers put in to give you amazing views of some of the most beautiful areas of the country. To that effect, here's our latest edition of Photography Spotlight - the best photos from the past month of Pathloom blogs! Click here to check out our greatest hits from March and April!

tall orange walls of a slot canyon loom over the mighty Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, Texas

Santa Elena Canyon: Big Bend National Park, TX - Photo Credit: Dana Kurth

(published 5/3/2021)

"Big Bend National Park is that place - nestled in the elbow of Texas. This park is as unique as it is mystical, an absolutely precious landscape with a soul unlike any other. Over three hundred miles from El Paso, and four hundred from San Antonio, this Lone Star Lovely is a remote desert paradise lined with scenic mesas and grand mountains."


A beautiful vista of the lush forests of Acadia National Park stretching all the way to the vast blue ocean in the distance

Beehive Trail: Acadia National Park, ME - Photo Credit: Brett Stanton

(published 5/6/2021)

"Acadia, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, Yosemite, and Zion National Parks have introduced reservations in an effort to reduce overcrowding and encourage social distancing. The cost of most of these reservations are trivial - meant more as a means of managing the number of visitors than as an additional revenue stream - but it should be noted that these costs are separate from the regular park entry fees."


The sky is aflame with orange sunset as the silhouette of a tree stretches up from an island in Land Between The Lakes, Kentucky

Land Between The Lakes, KY - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

(published 5/10/2021)

"Chase the wind as pressures fade in the rearview, wake up in the dew of a fresh season. Be a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis - break out of your routine and spread the wings of adventure; soar into the breeze that makes the aspens quake, and shake free the grime of a sedentary year."


Brown Columnar basalt stretches for miles, making for a climber's paradise in Frenchman Coulee, Vantage, Washington

Frenchman Coulee: Vantage, WA - Photo Credit: Rachel Roberts

(published 5/13/21)

"Frenchman Coulee is actually located closer to George, Washington than the town of Vantage, and on the other side of the Columbia River, but for some reason climbers call it “Vantage.” Whatever you call it, it’s a very pretty area of high desert columnar basalt, with sport climbs on the faces and trad climbs in the cracks in between."


a conical waterfall explodes from a narrow origin point - Union Falls in Yosemite National Park

Union Falls: Yellowstone National Park - Photo Credit: Andrew Helmbrecht

(published 5/27/21)

"The Park’s Grand Loop Road (the main park road connecting lodging outposts and key park landmarks) allows visitors to access less than 1% of Yellowstone’s splendor - yet still, over 90% of tourists never leave the main road. Some see this as a frustrating reality, but for those that know Yellowstone best, this actually presents an extremely exciting opportunity."


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