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Photography Spotlight: Top 5 Photos of April 2021

The best photos from the past month of blog posts!

At Pathloom, we're extremely proud of the exclusive content we bring to our community each and every week. We've written comprehensive guides, told our stories from the trails, given some tips & tricks based on our outdoors experience - all with the goal of keeping you, our readers, informed and entertained - and doing our part to make the Great Outdoors more accessible for everyone!

While we're certainly proud of our written content here, (and our videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok!), we're equally proud of the INCREDIBLE work our photographers put in to give you amazing views of some of the most beautiful areas of the country. To that effect, here's our latest edition of Photography Spotlight - the best photos from the past month of Pathloom blogs! Click here to check out last month's greatest hits!

Sun setting over the hoodoos and striated rock structures of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park - Photo Credit: Bryan Donoghue

(published 4/1/2021)

"Representative Welch has mentioned that “The coronavirus pandemic has only increased Americans’ interest in getting outside to appreciate the recreational opportunities throughout the country,” and an increase in funding will help future generations enjoy the same trails and experiences."


The sun desperately tries to shine through a massive overhead storm cloud above a long highway through Arkansas

Interstate 49, AR - Photo Credit: Scott Carnahan

(published 4/5/2021)

"Up from the coast, bound for the Interstate 10 corridor - a scenic drive with the sun flickering through the Alabama pines and blue palmetto palms, large cotton candy clouds lingering overhead. The salty sea air blowing through my hair, I couldn't help but smile in appreciation of the wonders of a southern adventure."


Butters the poofy poodle-esque mutt sitting patiently on the shores of Whitefish Lake near Great Falls, Montana. His rump is fluffy and magnificent

The majestic rump of Butters: Whitefish Lake State Park, MT - Photo Credit: Matt Bobbitt

(published 4/8/2021)

"Most National Parks allow pets in common areas, campsites and paved roads (though keep in mind many prohibit them in less developed areas). Some even have unique features to offer for them, such as the B.A.R.K Rangers Program. The National Park Service offers a map that shows which parks allow pets, as well as the few that do not."


a woman bundled up in an orange coat leaps for joy at the base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal, as the mountain looms tall, majestic, and covered in snow behind her

Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal: Photo Credit: Tia Li Fouroohi

(published 4/15/21)

"As is becoming increasingly common, women and those who identify as female who are flying solo on almost any activity are on high alert. About 70% of women who have ventured into the outdoors have taken a trip solo and unfortunately, about 66% of women have felt unsafe while recreating outdoors."


a lighthouse looms over a rocky shoreline at Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park Beach on Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Portland Head Light Beach Area, Cape Elizabeth, ME - Photo Credit: Brett Stanton

(published 4/29/21)

"Since the swimming area sits in a small inlet in direct view of the lighthouse, you’ll get the benefit of warmer water temperatures (but still quite cold until Late July/Early August - that’s just New England) and a chance to take a swim while you gaze up at a classic New England landmark. Fun fact: the Portland Head Lighthouse is the oldest in Maine, and the most photographed in America!"


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